Scents Of The Season: Cozy Candles






Back to school shopping has begun, the stores are getting jeans out already, and before you know it that cool Autumn weather will be here to greet us with is warm chill like always. When the leaves begin to change so do my candles, from rose petals and lavender to pumpkin and caramel, I enjoy filling my home with scents which are more cozy and perfect for days when the cold rain won’t stop and the warm blankets seem even more snugglier than usual. Simply lighting a cinnamon or apple pie scented candle helps lighten my heart and warms my soul on even the chilliest of days, allowing me to enjoy my time sipping my tea and read a book. Many people may think it’s too soon to get out those fall scents, but I say who cares, I enjoy a nice cinnamon candle while I dream of cooler days and school starting (yes, I am actually excited for school! Aren’t you?). I am not trying to wish this beautiful Summer away but I can’t help but to get my Fall candles ready as I dream of those lovely Fall days with that fresh, crisp air and bright leaves falling from the sky!

Nothing is more perfect than striking a match across the box and lighting a ‘Pumpkin Pecan Waffle’ candle from ‘White Barn’ to enjoy while watching cutesy movies and eating pumpkin muffins fresh from the oven. With its rich scent of waffles, maple syrup, and pumpkin spice, it reminds me of chilly Saturday mornings making breakfast with my family while the beautiful morning sun glistens on the colorful leaves. It has the right amount of sweetness to make you dream of those wonderful days you spend baking your favorite fall time treats and leaves you craving a delicious stack of golden waffles dripping in maple syrup (CAUTION: not a good candle if you are starting a diet, the temptations for treats may be too much). This candle manages to fill my home with memories which are as warm and lovely as a soft blanket wrapped around your shoulders, making it one of my favorite scents for the Fall.

There is nothing like a enjoying a fresh cinnamon sugared donut and a glass of apple cider after a long day of classes to put you in the perfect Fall mood, making this ‘Bath & Body Works’ candle one of my go-to scents to remind me of that wonderful feeling (sadly, this candle is no longer available, but this sweet cinnamon pumpkin scent is a great alternative!). A light and delicate candle which tickles your noise with its sweet cinnamon scent is perfect for the nights when you are snuggled in your favorite pajamas and enjoy a calm night by the fire. If you are looking for your home to smell of the original Fall treat before the pumpkin spice latte, then this candle is the one for you. It’s scent isn’t too strong to suffocate you, it manages to fill your home with warmth and love, like a box of fresh donuts!

Quickly running into a cafe and being hit with the smell of fresh coffee beans being grinded is enough to make you stop from your busy life and take a moment to enjoy the smell and notice the lovely season of Fall glowing around you. This amazing espresso candle from ‘Boulangerie’ makes you feel as if that warm cup of coffee is sitting right in your hands, ready to warm your heart from the cold days. It’s uplifting scent of coffee and cocoa is comforting and delightful, making it perfect to enjoy after a busy day of work or class. Throw on Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ album and a pair of your fuzziest socks while you relax and enjoy the cozy and delightful scent of this fabulous Fall candle.

A simple little candle lit on your counter can offer so much comfort and warmth, even on cold grey days. I simply choose scent which remind me of lovely memories from previous Fall seasons or delicious treats I can’t wait to bake! Fall scents offer such a delightful and cozy feeling, making it my favorite time of year for candles! From Pumpkin pie to caramel apples, the amount of scents to choose from are endless! Take the time this season to find the scents which fill your home with joy and snuggle up in a cozy blanket and enjoy a nice evening with a cup of tea and your soft candle.sign-off-for-blog-post



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