The Lust List

Do you ever have those few items you always see, whether it be online, in stores, or even on another girls Instagram, which you can’t help but to look at and think “dang, if money wasn’t a problem I’d just go and buy that.” because I do all the time. My “Lust List” over the years has seemed to grow, because I daydream a lot and can’t help but to want a pair of Chanel flats. These are the items where I see them and dream of a day when I can actually be able to go out and treat myself to them. This day may never come and I realize that, but this thought won’t keep me from dreaming of these few little pieces I wish I could have in my wardrobe. Here are just a handful of items which pop up often in my fashion daydreams.


Chanel Ballet Flats

If I had a penny for each time I thought about a pair of classic beige Chanel flats with the black tipped toes I would have enough to afford a pair for myself. In 1957, Chanel introduced the world to one of the most timeless shoes in the entire world, the two toned flat. These classic flats have had a special place in my heart for years, the elegance and beauty they offer makes them the perfect little shoe for a classic girl like me. The beige color makes these flats versatile, being able to wear them with anything, plus you can take these little pieces of Chanel heaven anywhere at any time, to quote Coco Chanel herself, “We leave in the morning with a beige and black, we lunch with beige and black, we go to a cocktail party with the beige and black. We are dressed from morning to night!”. These shoes were created for the everyday woman with it’s beautiful and practical style.


Dior “Lady Dior” Purse

Dior’s classic “Lady Dior” purse is by far one of my favorite iconic handbags in the world. A purse so beautiful and classy, even Princess Diana carried one gracefully upon her arm, is something I wish I could add to my outfit. It’s simple square shape is absolutely perfect and unique, making it stand out but also not take away too much attention from the rest of the look. Having one of these bags delicately draped on your arm offers such a clean and tailored look, it would be perfect to add into my wardrobe. I enjoy pieces which will last the length of time and the “Lady Dior” bag has been doing that for years with its gorgeous timeless design. If the fashion gods would allow me to have one, I would have a difficult time choosing between a blush pink or black “Lady Dior” bag, both are versatile and breathtaking but the blush is a little more girly and sweet and the black offers more of a classic statement, either way this purse leaves me with butterflies and daydreams of attending a Dior show at Paris fashion week with one of these lovelies draped on my arm.


Manolo Blahnik “Hangisi” Pumps aka “The Carrie Bradshaw” Shoes

Carrie Bradshaw was probably one of my first fashion inspirations in my life, partly due to the fact my mother introduced me to “Sex and the City” at quite young age (the “cleanish” T.V. version), and I still to this day she is one of my fashion inspirations. The first time I saw the “Sex and the City” movie there was a certain scene which stuck out to me the most, the moment Big proposes with the striking blue “Hangisi” Manolo Blahnik (in the gorgeous walk-in closet he design for her ugh!) Ever since I saw that I have wanted a pair of these fabulous Manolos, or as I call them “The Carrie Bradshaw” shoes (shoes I am so in love with I even took a picture with them on my Birthday when I visited Nordstroms). The blue satin material is so silky and beautiful, the way it catches your eye is simply magnificent. On the tip of the pointed pump is a dazzling bejeweled buckle, giving it a classic shoe a unique twist, making it stand out even more. I of course would get this delightful shoe in the iconic blue but I can’t help but to notice the beautiful hot pink satin pair which looks almost like a Barbie shoe. In either color, this heel has become an icon in the fashion world over the years thank to Carrie Bradshaw and my love for it continues to grow.


Chanel Tweed Suit

Coco Chanel has created many classic pieces which the world still worships today, two toned ballet flats, signature scents, basically class it’s self, and one of the most iconic trends Coco created is the tweed suit. Such a timeless and tailored piece, a Chanel tweed suit is by far one of the top items on my “Lust List”. To be able to wear a fitted skirt with a perfectly tailored jacket designed with Coco in mind, my little fashion loving heart would explode into a million little pieces. I would opt for a vintage suit in a lovely white with black detailing around it, for this is my favorite color combination on these suits. Of course, I would style this fabulous suit with a pair of sling back two toned Chanel kitten heels and a lovely pearl necklace and fully embrace my inner Chanel girl.  This suit would be worn to ever occasion, work, dinners, even grocery shopping, because a Chanel suit looks fabulous everywhere, also I would never want to take off such a lovely piece of fashion beauty. Maybe one day this daydream could come true, but for now I will simply scroll on Pinterest and lust after the gorgeous suits with each scroll.


516681cc01cda16b24aee4220ca68b76Chanel Snow Globe

Each year Chanel released a new Christmas snow globe, usually feature things such as Chanel shopping bag and perfume bottles by Christmas trees. Being a huge fan of both Chanel and snow globes, being able to add one of these adorable little globes to my desk would be a dream come true. Sadly, the only way to obtain one of these is if you are a VIP with Chanel. (Being a VIP with a luxury brand means over the years you have spent a certain amount with them and in return they give you little benefits, like Christmas snow globes). People do sell their snow globes online, but the price is usually outrageous. I can still hope that one day I will be walking into a Chanel boutique during Christmas to pick up some presents and receive one of these delightful little gifts for being a VIP with them, but until then this little item will sit upon my “Lust List”.


Looking at these items and daydreaming is such a fun and enjoyable thing for me to do. I may never actually be able to buy these items but to me that doesn’t matter, I will continue to drool over them each time they pop up on my social media or when I walk through store, such as Saks and Nordstroms. While most girls my age tend to daydream about boys, I would rather spend my time staring at a fabulous Dior purse or a pair of Chanel heels and adding things to my list of unrealistic fashion dreams.sign-off-for-blog-post



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