The Purse Edit

Every gal has the perfect purse or two sitting in her closet which she knows goes with every outfit and can be taken just about anywhere. These perfect purses are one of the most important things a woman owns in her wardrobe. By simply carrying a handbag you believe is fabulous in every sense and adds perfection to your outfit brings you a sort of confidence not even makeup or a complement from a stranger could give. The sense of knowing you have everything you may need in any situation being held by your side brings an ease to your mind, letting you relax and helping to keep your head held as high as those insane heels you had to buy. What these purses look like vary from girl to girl, but the importance is the same. Today I am going to give you a peak into my closet and share with your my favorite handbags which not only bring me joy and add a little sparkle to my outfits but give me a sense of security and comfort when I am away.


img_1479-2All That Glitters

I believe anything which sparkles or has glitter is absolutely fabulous, especially when I can wear it with my outfit, making my Ted Baker purse one of my favorite accessories. This cross body styles purse, which can also be transformed into a clutch, is a lovely shimmery silver shade, giving it the ability to be match with almost every outfit I own! The gold chain matches perfect with the geometric bow displayed on the front to give it more of a modern girly vibe. Plus, it may not appear this way, but this bag is also the perfect size to fit just about anything, phone, sunglasses, makeup, etc. and not have it all be cramped together, leaving me wondering if I really need to carry all this stuff around (yes, I DO need all this stuff). It’s beauty and size combine perfectly to make it one of the best purse purchases I have made, also it’s such a versatile bag, I use it for almost every occasion! I keep it styled as a cross body when I am more casual and then turn it into a clutch when it time to get fancy and have a little fun!   Each time I wear this beautiful purse I can’t help but to smile, I believe it is the fabulous addition to any outfit and one of the most beautiful bags I have ever owned.


As I mentioned before, I believe anything sparkly is perfection, and this Kate Spade is no exception. A petite cross body purse with a rose gold metallic leather offers a fun and modern look while remaining chic and classic. Even with its simplistic features this bag manages to pop with every outfit it is pair with, making the quote “Less is more” even more relevant. This fabulous little bag also has the  ability to be turned into a clutch allowing me to style it for any event from casual to formal. Sadly, its tiny size is does compromise the amount of space on the inside, but with such an adorable exterior which glistens when the light catches it, it doesn’t matter. My lovely rosy Kate Spade always seems to be slinged across me arm, while I have all my bag essentials shoved in my pockets, ready to make all the other girls jealous with its beauty!

Little Black Cat

I love a little black dress as much as the next gal, but to be honest, nothing beats a little black purse, especially not one with a kitty cat on it. I received this Modcloth clutch, which is also a cross body (I’m sensing a theme here…) for Christmas this pass year. The joy and excitement which I felt when I saw such a quirky and fabulous purse is impossible describe, I mean a kitty cat purse, who wouldn’t be speechless?! With little black ears and gold sleepy cat eyes embroidered on the front, this purse makes quite a fun statement piece to be added to any chic outfit. My favorite way to style this bag is with an all black outfit, giving it more of the ability to stand out with its striking gold accents against my black exterior. This purse softens a look and offers a delicate and chic vibe while maintaining its humorous style. Whenever I need to add a hint of fun to an outfit, this little black kitty cat bag is always there waiting.


Think Pink!


Adding a pop of pink to any outfit is easy with this fabulous Kate Spade handbag! Being my first ever purchase from the glorious land of Kate Spade, this purse holds so much sentimental value plus it has by far the most dazzling shade of pink I have ever seen! When my outfit is lacking color and life, I always grab this big and beautiful bag to bring the fun and joy back to my style. Its gorgeous leather exterior looks just as good as the day I bought it and its beauty seems to get better over time. This bag manages to carry a ridiculous amount of stuff, like water bottles and hairbrush, and you still have room for your fabulous wallet and makeup! It’s breathtaking pink exterior captures your attention, leaving you drooling over its stunning and lovely look. Whenever I take this bag out, I feel so confident having it on my arm that I notice I walk with my head a little higher and my smile a little wider.

Purses are magical accessories which you can never have too many of or too many favorite ones. With so many styles and colors, each one holds a special value, making them unique and important for all situations and outfits. My big pink Kate Spade purse adds joy to my outfits while the black kitty cat purse gives humor to a rather serious look. Each purse is different but just as important as the rest, or at least this is what I like to tell myself when I find yet another bag I “need” to add to my collection. Nevertheless, having a handbag which brings confidence and joy to your outfit is important and you should find that, and if you have found it, embrace it and take that bag out for a shopping day!sign-off-for-blog-post

4 thoughts on “The Purse Edit

  1. I am such a handbag girl! I love Kate Spade and I love my Michael Kors bags; they are durable while still being stylish. I am currently looking for the perfect clutch…hopefully I’ll find one soon! Thanks for sharing! Xoxo

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