‘A Fashion Girl’s Guide’: School Supplies


Welcome to another installment of ‘A Fashion Girl’s Guide’! I had so much fun with the last guide I decided to write another one, just one fashion gal trying to help out others make non-fashionable situations a little more fashionable. Today’s ‘FGG’ is all about heading back to school in style with fabulous school supplies! Yes, you heard that right, fabulous school supplies because girl they are out there and calling your name. Toss your boring basic notebooks and pencils aside and grab a fabulous floral printed one to take notes in class like the adorable over achiever you are! Folders don’t have to be blah and muted colored but rather speckled in polka dots to give off a sophisticated girly vibe! In this guide I will show you being a productive and prepared student no longer has to mean owning dull school supplies but rather cute, and girly ones which make learning fun (well, at least a little more fun).


When it comes to stationary supplies I have a few brands up my sleeve which never seem to disappoint me. From the quality of their products to the unique designs, brands like ‘Rifle Paper Co.’, ‘Kate Spade’, and ‘Paper Source’ have always been my go-to, especially recently while I’ve been preparing for my first year of college (Eeek!!!). These brands offer all the cute supplies you’ll need to be the best and most fashionable student in your class, from pencils, pens, and notebooks. The designs are adorable and plentiful, making choosing classes and organizing the perfect schedule a cake walk compared to deciding which adorable notebook you want. These brands, plus many more, offer everything you will need to make sure you are ready to study in style!



Say goodbye to dull orange pencils and boring grey pens and hello to these lovely beauties! These beautiful floral No.2 pencils from ‘Rifle Paper Co.’ will be the perfect addition to your school supplies, making taking notes a chic event! Not only do these pencils look pretty as ever, but the erasers actually work, unlike some cheap and annoying writing utensils. These pencils will for sure help you get that A on your next test, and if not, at least you looked cute trying! When it comes to pens, ‘Kate Spade’ has the cutest and most stylish ones around! Fashioned in polka dots and bold colors, these fabulous little writing tools will be the high light of your pencil case. Writing notes has never been such a stylish event until now, thanks to ‘Rifle Paper Co.’ and ‘Kate Spade’!


You have your adorable writing utensils, now it’s time for my favorite school supply, notebooks! Mermaids, swans, polka dots, cats, stripes, floral, you name it, it’s on a notebook and they all look too cute.  You can style your entire notebooks to match each other or choose a different pattern for each class you have. I enjoy a different design or color for each class to help me keep organized a little better.  Having a cute book to write all your notes in makes it more enjoyable, I find when I write in a notebook which has a design I find beautiful on the front I take better notes and actually get excited to get it out to study! These ‘Rifle Paper Co.’ ones are perfect for any girl who loves too look incredibly chic while taking notes! Who wants to prepare for a test by reading their notes out of a boring plain notebook when you can have one covered in flamingos!




When it comes to school, organization is the key to success. Classes, appointments, and meeting with friends all sounds fun, until you accidentally schedule it all at the same time without even realizing. To avoid this mess, pick up a cute planner and make sure you write everything on your agenda down. Carrying a planner around always helps me make sure I know what I have coming up next and if I need to schedule something I can plan for it efficiently, while avoiding ending up with appointments all within 3 minutes of each other. I recently picked up this adorable 17 month rose gold planner from ‘Paper Source’ which is the perfect size to slip into my purse and take it with me wherever I go! I also have a bigger planner which I got from ‘Kate Spade’ (similar here and here) which I keep at home and transfer all the plans I made out on my little planner to it. Having a planner with me at all times helps keep me calm, for I know what I have planned ahead. ‘Paper Source’ offers so many cute ones it is almost impossible to pick! They have giant planner, tiny little purse sized ones, and even ones which simply stay at your desk, giving you plenty of options to find the cutest one which best works for you!


Over the school year I tend to collect a lot of loose papers, but my trusty folders have always had my back for keep me organized and put together! I always go for the cuter folders obviously, especially ones which match my notebooks! If you would like to keep all your supplies coordinating, I recommend picking up  these lovely file folders from ‘Rifle Paper Co.’ and a few of their notebooks! Or if you are more of a unicorn gal, ‘Paper Source’ offers this adorable folder which also has a matching notebook, because who doesn’t love matching school supplies? Ugly brown folders are a thing of the past now you can have a fabulous and colorful backpack while still being organized!




Pencil Case:

You have all your adorable pencils, pens and other little school trinkets but where do you put them? How about in an adorable pencil case! The closest thing you will get to buying a purse for school is a pencil case, and I believe this one from ‘Paper Source’ is to die for! A cute little puppy in a striped sweater is etched upon a simple pouch to give a fun little touch to a supply which is usually plain. Or maybe you would prefer this ‘Kate Spade’ pouch has the classic gold polka dots displayed beautifully upon it, plus it also comes with an eraser and sharpener! If you can’t find a pencil case which is your style, you can always use a cute cosmetic case too. They offer the same amount of room (sometimes more) and they come in all sorts of colors and patterns! A simple pretty pencil case will not only look adorable leaving all the other girls in your class jealous, but will also make finding even the smallest of items in your backpack a little easier.


Shopping for school supplies is one of the most fun things in the entire world for me, especially when they are this cute! With these delightful little school supplies which are decorated in the most beautiful way, you will be prepared for whatever test or project you have in the upcoming school year. I am hopping my cute little supplies get me through my first year of college gracefully and fashionably! What is your favorite school supply to shop for?


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