Top Wardrobe Basics For Fall

Fall is quickly approaching and while I wish the warm weather could last forever I know those chilly Fall days are right around the corner. Last year I was tired of never being ready for Fall weather and not having a good wardrobe so I created a list of simple wardrobe basics which would be perfect for Fall and would be able to transition into the Winter. I was able to obtain everything to create the perfect classic Fall wardrobe which will last me for years to come, and you can too! All you need is a handful of items and you’ll have a wonderful wardrobe which you can mix and match pieces to have endless amount of outfits!

 Black Sweater

A black sweater, whether it’s a crewneck, V neck, or turtle neck, I believe is my most important basic for a Fall wardrobe. It is such a versatile piece it can literally be matched with anything, from a classic trench coat to a trendy midi skirt, and can be worn for any occasion, both casual and fancy. Opt for a black turtle neck and style it with skinny black pants and ballet flats for a classic Audrey Hepburn look or pair a simple crewneck with a metallic midi skirt and heels for a trendy look perfect for any Fall party. A black sweater can also be your go-to buddy on cozy days at home, I enjoy wearing mine with a pair of joggers and a cute pair of socks, making me ready to snuggle and watch Harry Potter but also making sure I am at least a little put together. The one I always wear is from Banana Republic (similar one here), the merino wool is so soft and comfortable, plus the quality is incredible! I have worn this piece countless times over the past year and it is still as good as new! This timeless basic can be styled in an endless amount of ways all the while keeping you nice and cozy from the bitter Fall breeze, leaving you stylish and comfy while you pick your apples and enjoy your pumpkin spiced treats.

Skinny Pants

Fall offers many breathtaking warm colors throughout nature but don’t let them fool you, because the leaves may be bright and yellow but the cool breeze will leave you blue, but worry not a pair of skinny  pants will keep you nice and warm while looking fabulous and classic. Much like a black sweater, a pair of fitted pants are one the most important pieces for your Fall (and Winter) wardrobe. With such a simple and classic look, this wardrobe basic can be styled with any piece in your wardrobe, making it one of my favorite items! A good pair of skinny pants will fit nice and snug but won’t be plastered to your body leaving people wondering if you painted your pants on. They shouldn’t be saggy and baggy either,  instead they should showcase the lovely shape of your legs, hips, and butt. My go-to for fitted pants are the J.Crew snap front ‘Pixie Pant’ in black . I find this style classic and easier to match with other wardrobe basics.  Also the ‘Pixie Pant’ fits true to size and the material has a nice comfortable stretch. These pants can be styled up or down being able to take you from your busy day of classes to a fabulous dinner with your friends without having to race home and change in-between.  

Trench Coat

A trench coat is the Chanel suit of outerwear, it simply never goes out of style. A classic beige jacket with brown buttons offers so much class and sophistication without even trying, it has the ability to make even the messiest of outfits tie together as if it’s a bow delicately wrapping a gift to hold it in place. A black or blush trench coat offers the same elegance and class as a beige one, making your options for which one to buy more fun and difficult but I always turn to the classic, such as this one from Banana Republic which has all the qualities of a good trench. A good trench coat should have a light weight material which keeps you warm but not too hot, so you are able to enjoy the lovely beauty of fall while looking just a beautiful.  It shouldn’t be huge and baggy like a big trash bag, just fitted enough to show your lovely silhouette without it feeling as if it’s tying you up, which is what this particular one offers! You can pop this Fall wardrobe basic over basically anything from sweaters to dress, making it one of the best jackets for Fall! I adore nothing more than slipping into my trench on a Fall day and feel as if I am an important gal mysteriously tied up in her activities for the day but still manages to look fabulous.


Everyone is turning toward over the knee boots at the moment but I believe booties are the must have when it comes to Fall shoes. Having a cute little bootie upon your feet helps display your outfit in a proportional way because they don’t over power an outfit like some tall boots tend to do. Instead they offer comfort and style and, with its petite shape, it adds a hint of cuteness to any look. They are also amazing for those fall days when it’s a little warmer than usual, simply slip on a pair of open toed booties and pop on your trench coat and you’re ready for the day! My favorite pair of booties are these black suede Marc Fisher’s I found last year (sold out. Similar here and here). I have worn these everywhere with every outfit I own, they have so much comfort while still looking like a pair of shoes Taylor Swift would wear while walking down the streets of New York! The all black color makes them stand out enough to notice their simplistic beauty but not too much to take the focus away from the rest of the outfit. I always grab these shoes when I am heading out on a Fall day, either to the store or out with my family to the movies and dinner, they have been one of my best purchases I have made in a long time!


A sweet little cardigan to gently throw over your cold shoulders when the bitter breeze is nipping away is one of my top basics for a Fall wardrobe. I never step foot out of my home without this delicate piece, not only does it offer warmth on a chilly night, but it also gives your outfit a classic and timeless look. A pair of skinny jeans, a simple t-shirt, and a cute little cardigan is the perfect outfit for those casual Fall days when all you do is sip on a cup of tea and  enjoy the lovely colors of Autumn while reading Harry Potter. Banana Republic offers one of the best cardigans in an array of colors, but I suggest sticking to neutrals, like black, navy or even a beige, for it to match with more outfits making it more versatile. This Banana Republic cardigan is lightweight, soft, and is fitted just enough to give it a nice classic shape. The quality is extremely good, it’s not itchy or scratchy and all the buttons are still attached perfectly and it doesn’t lose its shape. Adding this basic to my Fall wardrobe was so helpful, I am able to wear cute little t-shirt and no longer have to worry about freezing my butt off when it gets a little too cold, I can simply throw on my cardigan and carry on gracefully.

Neutral Colored T-shirt/Tank Top/ Cami

For the last but certainly not least basic I believe you should add to your Fall wardrobe is neutral colored t-shirts, tank tops, or camis. Keeping with neutral colors, such as black, navy, cream, grey, and even blush,  helps keep these items classic and timeless, plus they are easy to match with your other basics offering you an endless amount of outfit combinations! Pairing a cream colored tank top with your skinny jeans and a cozy cardigan is an easy yet cute outfit, especially for those Sunday night football get togethers. Or style a simple black t-shirt with a fun blush skirt to give yourself a romantic vibe on your next date night. Another wonderful thing about neutral colored tops is you can take them from day to night in no time, simply change your shoe from a casual flat to a bootie and throw on some red lipstick and you are ready to hit the town!


Creating a basic foundation of clothes for your Fall wardrobe is extremely easy, and I hope this article helped inspire you to get started on getting your basics for the next season! Sticking with timeless and classic colors and pieces helps your wardrobe last from season to season, so you don’t need to constantly update all your clothes! Once you’ve obtained a few basics to keep your wardrobe classic, you can always add a few “trendy” pieces and have fun styling them with your timeless pieces! Always remember to have fun with your style and wardrobe and wear what makes you feel confident!



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