The Fall Wardrobe Wish List

It is officially August and while it still may be Summer I am definitely looking forward to the Fall season, well the Fall fashion to be more exact. I blame this Autumn daydreaming on the cool temperatures Michigan is giving us right now, but  I can’t help to browse online for the perfect pieces to add to my wardrobe. To be fair, I am preparing for my first year of college next month and new clothes is something I will be needing so it ok to be looking at lovely jackets while it is still technically Summer (even though it feels like Fall), right?  Last Fall/Winter season I focused on creating a wardrobe with classic signature pieces which will stay in style for years to come, such as a black sweater and a trench coat. Now my closet is as timeless as Audrey Hepburn, it is ready to add a few fun pieces to give it more color and sparkle!


Picture from Pinterest
In the new season, I am still going to be sticking with my classic, Parisian inspired style, I feel my most confident when wearing an outfit which looks as if it belongs on the streets of Paris or in a Kate Spade display. With that being said, my love for these Charlotte Olympia ‘Kitty’ flats is no shock, I mean what more could you ever dream of for a timeless black velvet loafer than a precious kitten face embroidered on the toes? The addition of the kitten a hint of humor to such a classic wardrobe essential, softening the masculine look of a loafer and making it more unique and delicate. Charlotte Olympia truly has made the perfect loafer with their signature ‘Kitty’ flat and I hope I can manage to treat myself and add this beauty to my collection. Every girl needs a good pair of shoes, especially a pair with a kitty featured on them!



93-20170712-morning-lavender-cute-clothes-for-women-Dusty_Rose_Jacqueline_Tulle_Midi_Skirt_largeEver since I saw the scene of Carrie Bradshaw running through the streets of Paris wearing a fabulous tulle dress trying to attend a party in the series finale of ‘Sex and the City’, I have been trying to get my hands on one. I have been searching high and low for the perfect tulle skirt for years which makes me feel like a beautiful princess or I should be attending a lovely tea party, and I believe I have found the one! ‘Morning Lavender’ offers an abundance of tulle skirts in multiple lengths and colors, basically making all my daydreams come true! The ‘Jacqueline’ midi tulle skirt in the shade ‘Dusty Rose’ offers a romantic Parisian vibe which gives me butterflies each time I see it. With just the right amount of fluff and the perfect shade of pink, a simple sweater and a pair of ballet flats is all you would need to pair with this beautiful skirt to make the most fabulous outfit. I hope I can add this lovely girly piece to my wardrobe to give my classic style a princess flare!


Still wanting to add more blush to my wardrobe to give it a romantic daydreamy color, I have found some lovely pink jackets which I believe would be just darling with my style! These two blush coats are beautiful and both offer such a classic and girly look while staying modern with the trendy blush hue. The ‘Madeline’ pink bow coat from ‘Morning Lavendar’ reminds me of the one Audrey Hepburn wears in ‘How To Steal A Million’ with its 60’s inspired look. Plus the lovely bow detail on the collar adds a hint of a Kate Spade vibe making it the perfect recipe for a fabulous  and romantic fall jacket. Also this drapey trench coat from ‘Abercrombie & Fitch’ is also simply divine! Taking a classic wardrobe piece and adding the lovely blush shade gives it a delicate and soft look, making it perfect for a gal who wants her outfit to give off a graceful vibe. I can imagine myself in either of these lovely coats with a pair of skinny pants and a simply black sweater while casual sipping tea in a cafe window in Paris in the fall, making me fall more madly in love with each of them!


The final item which recently has stolen my heart is this lovely frilled top from ‘Zara’! The maroon color is striking and is the perfect shade for the fall! The added ruffles to the bottom offer a cute peplum style, giving the top a fun structure. With an adorable button detailing on the cuffs, this top would be a fabulous addition to any wardrobe! It can be styled up with a statement necklace and heels or down with a pair of skinny pants and a pair of Charlotte Olympia ‘Kitten’ flats! I hope the Zara which is being built by me opens soon so I can see this lovely in person before purchasing!

Getting ready for the Fall fashion already may seem crazy to some, but I enjoy planning out what I want to purchase so I can strategize how I want to spend my budget. Also daydreaming about my new pieces and how I will style them is too fun, especially since I will be wearing the outfits to college not just around my house for my family to see.  Hopefully I can manage to get one or two of these lovely pieces from my wish list to add to my wardrobe this coming season! How about you? What fashion trends or styles do you want to add to your Fall wardrobe this year?sign-off-for-blog-post

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