The Perfect Ballet Flat

One dream which has always stuck with me since I was a little girl is the fact I want to be a ballerina, making my favorite shoes being ballet flats no surprise. A delicate little shoe, which upon slipping on, makes me feel as if I am floating on a cloud, leaving me gently dancing my way with each step I take with “Swan Lake” playing endlessly in my mind. A timeless shoe, which is even Audrey Hepburn approved, offers a soft and feminine element to even the most edgy outfit. Ballet flats have been one of my favorite go-to shoes since as long as I can remember, and I finally found the perfect pair.

Sam Edelman’s “Felicia” flat is by far the best ballet flat I have worn in my entire life. These shoes are perfectly cushioned and offer the most amazing comfort and support, making them perfect for long days of shopping or impromptu ballet sessions at home.  A true to size fit and lovely quality, the “Felicia” flat has stolen my heart. I found this pair at Nordstrom rack for half the price and I couldn’t pass up such a good deal! These beautiful flats are a luscious velvet material in a deep navy, making them stand out from the usual black ballet flats everyone else always wears. Not only do they make each step you take feel as if you are walking on little clouds, but the back of the shoe also doesn’t rub against your skin and cause blisters, like most flats tend to do. Instead they stay right in place keep your feet happy and comfortable all day long!  

Sam Edelman has created the perfect ballet flat with the “Felicia” and even added a delicate little bow to make it even more fabulous. I have completely fallen in love with the wonderful comfort and beautiful style of this lovely little shoe and have been wearing it non – stop! The best part is, Sam Edelman has these little ballet flats available in almost every color! From gorgeous pale pink to classic black, you can have this shoe in which ever color best suit you! I have been eyeing the ‘very berry’ and ‘pearl pink’ for potential new additions to my wardrobe. After years of searching, I have finally discovered the perfect ballet flat which gives me comfort and a sense of delicacy with each step I take, all thanks to Sam Edelman.


Are you going to add Sam Edelman’s “Felicia” flat to your shoe collection? Which color would you prefer these little shoes in? Are you more of a suede or velvet flat girl or do you prefer leather?


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