Mid-Year Beauty Favorites

Whew! We have already made it to the half through 2017! Time has been flying by so fast this year but I have still managed to find time to stop and enjoy a lot of fantastic (and some not so fantastic) beauty products. I have really been getting into experimenting with new products and brand this year when it comes to makeup to broaden my view and knowledge of which ones work the best and find the ones I enjoy wearing the most. In the past six months I have dabbled my hand in products ranging from lipstick to eye shadow, which is great for my Sephora Beauty Insider points but not my wallet. Today I am going to share with you my favorite products I have tried out so far and will most likely be enjoying for the rest of year!


Anastasia Beverly Hills “Modern Renaissance” Eye Shadow Palette

I gave into the hype and purchased the “Modern Renaissance” palette towards the beginning of the year and have been completely head over heels in love with it ever since. With 14 romantic, pigmented shades, this palette is perfect for any girl who wants to feel like a princess. This lovely product has transitioned from Winter to Spring to Summer beautifully and has offered many fabulous makeup looks, making me understand why everyone is always obsessing about it. All the shades are buttery, bendable and look fabulous together, making the amount of different looks you can create endless. My favorite shades on this palette are “Primavera”, which is a lovely shade of shimmering gold with a matte finish, and “Buon Fresco”, a soft shade of  lavender which pairs well with “Primavera”. This was my first major makeup purchase and it was well worth every penny!

Too Faced “Better Than Sex” Mascara

Continuing on with eye products, the “Better Than Sex” mascara flew to the top of my favorites list the instant I tried it on. A mascara which offers length, volume, definition, and is wrapped up in a lovely pink package is everything I could want in a product. With one only one coat, my lashes look so intense and beautiful, making washing it off at the end of the day hard because I don’t want to say goodbye to the beauty. I have tried more mascaras than I care to admit and out of all of them the Too Faced “Better Than Sex” mascara has completely blown me away. I am so glad I gave in and bought this product, it is by far one of the best makeup purchases I have made.


NARS “Banc De Sable” Highlighter

I am a girl who loves anything which glows and shines, making highlighter one of my favorite products in the world. When I saw NARS, aka one of my favorite brands, released the limited edition “Banc De Sable” highlighter palette, I had to buy it as soon as possible! This palette offers 3 creamy highlighters perfect for anyone who wants to look like a glowing fairy. My most used shade has been “Rivage”, which is a light  silvery shade perfect for a more fair skin tone like mine, but recently, thanks to the sun for my Summer tan, I have been using “Sale”, which is a rosy champagne shade, and have been loving it! Not only is this palette a fabulous highlighter, but the shades are also amazing for adding a quick color to your eyelids! NARS did a great job with this palette and I am heartbroken it was only around for a limited time.

Too Faced “Papa Don’t Peach” Blush

The “Papa Don’t Peach” blush is a soft blush with a warm peachy scent making it one of the most wonderful things Too Faced has to offer. This blush is the essences of summer time, it gives a warm, glowing, sun kissed look upon your cheeks and has a fresh, delicate scent, which lingers all day leaving you feeling elegant, lovely, and wanting vanilla ice cream topped with peaches. This was my first time trying a blush and I must say I was not disappointed, I adore the warm color it gives my cheeks, completing my everyday makeup look in a beautiful way.

DSC_1181NARS “Dragon Girl” Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

As soon as I found out Taylor Swift uses the NARS velvet matte lip pencil in the shade” Dragon Girl” to get her red lip classic look, I had to try it for myself. This striking red lip pencil offers an intense shade of red perfect for any event, whether it’s casual or more special, plus it’s also long lasting and feels moisturizing upon your lips. By just simply applying this red lipstick, I instantly feel like TSwift, walking fabulously down the streets of New York with screaming fans surrounding me, even if I am just walking around Kroger with my mom and the screaming is from the kid in the next isle.



Caudalie “Vinoperfect” Radiance Serum

I couldn’t go through an entire beauty favorites without mentioning at least one skincare product, and which better one than the Caudalie “Vinoperfect” radiance serum. This serum, which offers such a luscious radiant glow, has been a part of my skincare routine since I received it back in February and I have loved it so much ever since. It has made my skin so bright, hydrated, and full of life, it truly has taken my skins radiance to the next level. Caudalie offers a magnificent product, if you are looking for a serum to help your skin shine like the star it is I highly recommend this one.



I have tried so many incredible products so far this year and we are only half way done! Looking back on these six, now almost seven months, I have had a ton of fun with trying new beauty products and can’t wait to see what the remainder of the year has to offer! Hopefully more lovely beauty products!sign-off-for-blog-post



10 thoughts on “Mid-Year Beauty Favorites

  1. I love the ‘papa don’t peach’ blush! Infact I love the whole peach range (probably because it smells so good) And the mascara sounds so good!

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