Unnecessary Items I Love & Will Always Buy

When it comes to life we tend to buy a lot of unnecessary things we probably don’t need but when we have them we feel good. I do this all the time with many things, knowing with each purchase it is completely unnecessary but there is something about having these little items in my life which spark a hint of joy and comfort in me. A lot of people may look at these items and think they are useless garbage and can’t believe I spend my money on them, but to me these things bring a bit more light into my life and I enjoy them, even if they aren’t exactly “necessary”.


DSC_1197Bath Products

Bath bombs, bubble bars, and bubble bath, are some of the greatest products in the entire world, at least to me they are. With so many color, smells, and even shapes (Lush’s lady bug bubble bar is too cute!), I am always sucked into purchasing these items, even if my cabinet is flooded with them. Bath products are something I could live without, but why would I want to? Knowing at any moment I can walk up into my bathroom, fill the tub, and pop a bath bomb into the water and have a relaxing evening with a cup of tea, puts my mind at comfort. I enjoy having this option on any given day so I will always make sure I have my bathroom stocked with my precious little bath products, even if other people believe they are a waste of money .




Out of every makeup products I have ever purchased, the one which is probably the most useless is a highlighter. For those who don’t know what this product is, you can read more here, but all they basically do is make your skin glow, and I love it. To most, it may be considered useless, but to me it’s my favorite makeup product I have in my bag. I enjoy the lovely glow it adds to my face and feel like a fairy or a mermaid when I wear it, leaving me with a whimsical feeling . On days when I want my makeup look to be more natural, I simply just wear foundation, mascara and finish it off with a little highlighter, because I feel it completes the look in a beautiful way. Even if other people think I’m wasting my money, I will continue to use a highlighter and feel like a fairy while they jealousy stare at my glowing skin. 


We all have addictions, and mine happens to be stationary, but who can blame me, have you seen how adorable most stationary is!? Each time I step into stores, such as Paper Source or Papyrus, I know I am playing with fire by temping myself to buy more stationary, which I tell myself I totally need even though my desk is over flowing with all the other notebooks and little greeting cards from my last trip. Pencils, notebooks, and planners are pretty useful items, but  I guess there is a moment when the amount you have is just too much. But how can you say no to tea scented erasers, I can’t and probably won’t. Stationary is fun for me, it’s so colorful and cute and I enjoy using the things I purchase. I enjoy knowing if the moment arises where I need to write a friend a note I can or if I’m feeling inspired to write I have a lovely notebook to do it in. As crazy as it may sound, having cute stationary helps inspire me to get more creative, my little notebooks and ‘day of the week’ pencils get my mind moving and I am able to write more meaningfully with them. No matter what, I will always have a abundance of stationary on hand, waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it.

Cute Mugs

Much like stationary, I have an uncontrollable addiction to mugs and I don’t plan on getting help for it anytime soon. Mugs, to me, are little pieces of heaven which bring joy to me when I pour my morning tea into them. Having a cute mug to sip out of while I am writing and planning out my day makes me feel so happy, which is how I enjoy all of my days to start out. Plus there are so many different cute options for whichever mood you’re in, you can never have to many, or at least that is what I tell myself as I purchase my 3678563 Disney mug.


While these items may not be necessary for my survival, they offer my life a little more joy and sunshine, making them important and meaningful in my eyes. I enjoy having a cup of tea out of a fun mug while using relaxing with a lovely scented bath bomb. We all have items in our lives which other people view as “unnecessary” but to us they make our lives a little more enjoyable! Don’t let people make you feel weird about your “unnecessary” little quirky purchases, keep purchasing them and enjoy the little things in life!  sign-off-for-blog-post


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