A Fashion Girl’s Guide To A Rainy Day

DSC_1184DSC_1178When the weather won’t let up and the rain keeps pouring down causing you to cancel your plans and stay in because nobody wants to deal with wet hair and soggy clothes, take that time to tackle something you have been putting off, such as cleaning out your closet or giving your room/office a little TLC. Instead of binge watching the Real Housewives, use this rainy day to your advantage and give some attention to the areas of your life you tend to neglect. Put on a little music, throw your hair up in a bun, and get down to business with my “Fashion Girl’s” guide to a rainy day.

Organize Your Makeup

Over time we tend to accumulate a lot of makeup products, or at least I do, causing our bags or little storage systems to become cluttered and overflowing with a variety of products. From items which you buy on a regular basis to the ones you wanted to try but ended up not working for you. If your makeup bag is starting to look like a bomb went off in it and you find yourself struggling to find you mascara in the mess of products, then it’s time to use your rainy day and organize. First, gather all your makeup and grab a garbage bag (you will need it, trust me) and put it all in a pile on your floor. Once you’ve got it all out, begin sorting through your makeup and asking yourself when was the last time you wore it, when did you buy it (because yes, even makeup products expire), and if you actually like it. Far too often we hold onto empty bottles and expired products, making it difficult to find the makeup we actually want to use. Be honest and throw away the garbage, you will feel so much better after. Finally, once you have a lovely, lighter pile of useful, fresh makeup, organize it back it into your makeup bag and take a moment to admire your beautiful, clean makeup collection!

Closet Clear Out

Much like our makeup, we tend to hold onto too much garbage in our closets, forcing them to become cluttered, stressful, messes. How can you pick out an outfit and feel confident and beautiful if finding it was a challenging task because the ugly Christmas sweater you had to buy three years ago and never wore kept getting in the way? Put on some fun music, grab a few a few bags, one for garbage and another for give away, and pull all of the clothes in one big pile. Begin honestly sorting through the clothes, and ask yourself when the last time you wore it, does it still fit, will you wear it again, and do you actually like it? Hanging onto clothes which you don’t wear or even like is stressful and makes clothes and getting dressed not fun. Throw them away or give them to charity if they are in good condition still.  Keep clothes which make you feel beautiful and confident, clothes which you love and will wear again. Arrange them back into your closet, I enjoy mine to hang from season then color, and take a deep breath while enjoying your organized closet!

DSC_1179DSC_1181Revamp Your Room/Office

Our rooms/office space tend to collect clutter or become dull overtime, thus making them losing their inspiration and beauty. Give yours a small revamp by simply tidying up the space, reorganizing things and maybe adding a new decoration or two. Clear off shelves and rearrange your books and keepsakes to give you some new perspective, or hang up that cute art print which has been sitting on your floor for weeks that you say you’ll hang up tomorrow. Even a quick dusting, vacuum, and clearing out your desk drawer can help a space regain its creativity and offer new inspiration! Add some fresh flowers and light a lovely candle to make the space more bright and happy, even give your pens a clean out, toss the old ones which don’t work and add some new colorful ones (I prefer the glitter gel pens). At the end of the day, your old space will become your new place where all your creative ideas come alive!

Movie Marathon

Throw on those overpriced but totally adorable Kate Spade pajama set you had to buy, a fuzzy blanket and these make amazing and healthy peanut butter cookies and have a movie marathon. Being productive can be a great but sometimes you need to treat yourself to a little day off and binge watch your favorite movies and enjoy some PB cookies. Too often we are forcing ourselves to keep going and keep moving when we really need a moment to ourselves. So throw on a fun movie, my favorite go-to movies for rainy days are “The Princess Diaries”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, and basically any Disney movie (especially princess ones!) While the cold rain pours down outside, stay warm with a cup of tea, a good movie, and enjoy the fun movies and your day off.


Rainy days are perfect for getting small things done at home, just put on a fun playlist, make a cup of coffee, and get down to business or instead, jump into bed and enjoy your day off from your busy life. My favorite way to spend my rainy days is either giving my closet a cleaning, so I can restock it with new fabulous things!, or having a movie marathon and enjoying a cup of tea! Which of these tips will you use on your next rainy day?sign-off-for-blog-post

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