A Sweet & Simple Summer Morning Skincare Routine


Every morning I enjoy starting my day off with a refreshing skincare routine to give the day a fresh and clean start. My routine has changed a tad bit since I shared about my top three skincare products due to the fact summer has started, I have added a new product to the mix plus I have changed my moisturizer recently to give my skin something fresh. I feel with the change of season you should also change up your skincare routine, your skin can get use to the same routine causing it to become dull and not truly shine. Simply changing a product or two every now and then can give your skin the fresh nourishment it is looking for, bringing it back to its full beauty. I believe starting your day off with a skincare routine is the best way to wash the previous day away and start fresh, both physically and mentally. There is something about a fresh clean face which gives the day a more positive vibe from the start, which isn’t that how we all want to start every day? Today I am going to share with you my simple routine which even the busiest person can fit the time in to do in the morning!




To start off my skincare routine, I wash my face with warm water then use my Aveeno “Positively Radiant Brightening” cleanser to clear out my pores and wash away all the dirt and oil it has collected from the day before. This cleanser helps keep my complexion clear and even my skin tone. This is one of my favorite cleansers to use, especially in the morning, for it leaves my skin bright, clear, and refreshed, making it ready for a new day. It is important to cleanse your face in the morning, even if you did it the night before, because overnight your skin detoxes and sheds dead skin cells. In the morning you need to cleanse your face to remove these and start fresh and clean! Your skin will love you for starting your day out by giving it a fresh clean plus it gives you a clear canvas for when you apply your makeup, I mean even a painter wouldn’t use a dirty canvas so why should you?


If you’ve read my last skincare related post, you already know I recently added the Pixi “Glow Tonic” toner to my morning routine and I haven’t looked back since. This toner gently exfoliates my skin, balance PH levels, evens my skin tone, and even gets rid of my red puffy morning eyes. My skin has been noticeably brighter and has more of a healthy glow to it since I have added this product to my skincare routine. I simply wet some on a cotton ball and swipe it across my face after I cleanse, leaving my skin refreshed and happy. Pixi’s “Glow Tonic” is by far one of the best skincare products I have tried and I highly recommend it if you are in search of an affordable toner.




Once I’ve cleansed and toned my face, it’s time to treat it to something a little special, my Caudalie “Vinoperfect Radiance” serum. I received this serum in my Sephora birthday gift (a perk of being a beauty insider!) and I have been in love with it ever since! I apply a small drop to my finger and apply it to my fresh and clean face, leaving it with a lovely radiant glow. This serum has helped my skin tone remain even, hydrated, and keep it’s healthy glow. Serums are wonderful products to add to your routine because there are so many different kinds which target different problems. Anti-aging, skin firming, and ones which offer a radiant glow are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to serums. Figure out which area your skin needs a little help on and treat yourself to a nice serum! The Caudalie “Vinoperfect Radiance” serum is a little pricey but it is well worth it!


The final step of my routine is to tie everything together with a pretty bow by moisturizing. I changed my moisturizer to the Aveeno “Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30” recently because I felt my skin was too use to the one I was using and needed something fresh. This simple change has helped me my skin feel less dull and more hydrated and happy. I chose this particular moisturizer because 1. I love Aveeno and their products and 2. It has SPF 30, which is important to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, especially in the Summer months. Plus this product also helps tone skin, improve dullness and texture, plus it leaves your skin feeling silky and beautiful, which is exactly what I want in a moisturizer. I simply massage it into my face in small circles to lock in and finish all the cleaning I have done and head off to officially start my day!


Having a morning skincare routine may seem like it’s a lot and you don’t have time for it, but in reality it only takes a few short minutes and your skin is much happier for it. By setting a routine for my skin, I have noticed that not only does my skin look and feel better but my days are also better. Starting your day with a positive routine sets up the mood for your entire day! If your days are crazy and all over the place, then I suggest you take a look at your morning routine. Do you wake up and start your day new and fresh with a lovely skincare routine, or do you splash water on your face quickly and grab a coffee and run? If it’s the latter of the two, I suggest finding a simple and relaxing routine for your morning clean up and watch how something so tiny can not only help your skin feel refreshed but also your mind.sign-off-for-blog-post


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