Two Things From ‘Too Faced’


My dad and I went out for a lovely day of shopping and lunch the other afternoon and I of course had to pull him into Sephora to show him the makeup products I’ve had my eye on recently. Once we entered the wonderful world of Sephora, I dragged my dad over to the “Too Faced” section and showed him the “Papa Don’t Peach” blush and “Better Than Sex” mascara I really wanted (yes, it’s was a little weird to say to my dad I wanted something called “Better Than Sex”). I asked him if he would let me purchase one and, because my dad is the greatest and he would say anything to hurry and get out of the teenage girl infested Sephora, he told me to just get both, which I of course didn’t argue with! We made our purchase and then carried on with our fun afternoon together.


I was excited to finally try the mascara which everyone, even Taylor Swift, says is the best one on the market. The “Better Than Sex” mascara has such a simple and lovely pink packaging, instantly making me fall in love with the product, what can I say, I’m a sucker for pink. This mascara features an hourglass shaped brush which applies the product beautifully, giving my lashes the perfect luscious look. With only one coat, this fabulous mascara made my lashes so full and intensely long and beautiful, it made me question why I waited so long to make the purchase. It’s long lasting, not clumpy, plus it adds volume and length to the lashes in the most amazing way. ‘Too Faced’ “Better Than Sex” mascara truly lives up to all the hype it has accumulated and has quickly become my go-to mascara.DSC_0621DSC_0625


A dazzling blush which not offers a lovely warm color but also sweet peachy scent, the “Papa Don’t Peach” blush caught my eye the second it was released. Never having used blush before, I was excited to purchase this product from ‘Too Faced’ and finally add blush to my makeup collection. With a hint of shimmer and a lovely peachy bronze shade, this blush gives a delicate color upon my cheeks, making it the perfect blush for some like me who wants a more natural look. This product is easy to apply, quite buildable, and it smells divine! I was expecting a tad bit more pigment than what it offers but overall it is a lovely blush that complements my fair skin tone wonderfully! Much like the “Better Than Sex” mascara, this products packaging is also too adorable, making me love it even more! Peach scented, shimmery, and cute packaging, the “Papa Don’t Peach” blush is perfect for any makeup lover to try!


I have personally never purchased from ‘Too Faced’ until now and I must say, they really impressed me with these two products. From the quality of the products to the beautiful and unique packaging, ‘Too Faced’ has won me over and I can’t wait to give more of their products a try! Thanks to my amazing dad and ‘Too Faced’,  I now have a new go-to mascara and have finally given blush a try and have fallen in love with the lovely color it adds to my face. Needless to say I am already planning my dad and I’s next lunch and shopping day and which ‘Too Faced’ products I want to “show” him next.sign-off-for-blog-post

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