Lovely Ruffles




Top: Zara / Pants: J.Crew / Shoes: BP / Purse: Kate Spade

To be completely honest, I didn’t think I would ever actually own a shirt which has huge ruffle sleeves. When I first saw this trend rising around Spring, I rolled my eyes and told myself I wouldn’t buy into it,  until I saw this Zara top. These giant ruffled sleeves featured on this delicate blue wrap top grasped my attention, giving me butterflies, so I purchased it immediately. This top is so incredibly fun to wear, making me feel like I should be out dancing the night away under the stars in the Caribbean whenever I wear it. The powder blue is the perfect shade for a warm Summer look, paired with simple white pants, such as my go-to J.Crew Martie Pant, and a beige heal, like these BP sling back block heals which I did a review on a while back, and you have a fabulous outfit! Grab some friends, upbeat music, and a marvelous venue and have yourself an extraordinary night filled with dancing and fun!



This ruffled beauty is also my first ever purchase from Zara! After always dreaming of making a purchase from Zara, I finally did it. I am very pleased and impressed with the company, the top looks just as amazing in person as it did online, it has a true fit, the quality is great, plus the I had no problems with the item being shipped to my home (something which always seems to be a problem with me for some reason). Zara has really impressed me with this lovely ruffled sleeve top and I will hopefully be adding more of their products to my wardrobe in the near future, especially since we finally have a  Zara store opening near me soon!



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