Simple Ways To Add Color To Your Life


Sometimes in life we tend to fall into the same old routine, day in and day out, without realizing it. We wake up and live the life the day as before because it’s what we know. Having the a routine isn’t bad, it’s great actually, but sometimes we can end up just going through the motions and not fully experiencing the beautiful fun thing which is life. When you find yourself stuck in a rut or feeling a little grey, you need to add some “color” back into your life. You don’t need to go out and do something crazy but simply adding a small thing or two into your agenda can make a dull, regular day a little more colorful.


Almost anything can add “color” to your life, even things that aren’t visually colorful. I personally believe sounds, feelings, and taste can help take a regular black and white day and turn it into something beautiful and colorful! Something which sparks joy and makes you have those warm butterflies in your tummy is something that is colorful, such as a warm cup of coffee or feeling the warm sunshine on your face or adding a pink pillow to your couch. These little colorful things are easy to find and add to your life on any day. Here are a few of my personal favorite ways I paint my life with a little more color:


Buy Fresh Flowers

Whether you love peonies, roses, or daisies, placing a simple bouquet to your coffee table or counter can add a lovely hint of color to your life. From the beautiful scents of the fresh blooms to the marvelous colors, flowers are one of my favorite ways to give life a bit more beauty. It’s the perfect non-expensive way to liven up a part of a room and bring some light and joy into your home and life.


Play Music

Playing soft, instrumental music in the background makes any day more exciting and appealing! Think about what type of day you want then add a few songs to your phone and make a playlist for the day and play it in the background, basically making your own life’s soundtrack. I found this actually makes me get more task done and plus I feel like my life is exciting enough to have an awesome soundtrack.

Treat Yourself

The next time you stop by the store, pick up the red lipstick or the yellow nail polish you always walk buy and admire. Treat yourself to something cute and colorful, even if it is just small, not every treat has to be big and ridiculous. A simple makeup product or even a cute little mug can bring so much color and joy to your week!


Try A New Recipe

Pinterest and Facebook are filled with tons of delicious fun recipes, pick one and give it a try! Or go through your recipe box and find an old recipe you haven’t had in a while and make it. Eating the same thing all the time can get boring and the food tends to lose it’s flavor, jazz it up and try something fun and different! I was getting bored with eating the same chicken everyday so I decided to add turmeric and cumin to it, not only did it give my meal a fun orange color but the flavor was so amazing and savory, I make it all the time now!

Burn Your Favorite Candle

An old favorite or a new find, either way burning a candle is one of the best and easiest ways to add a little “color” to your life. The beautiful warm scent lingering through the house adds a soft and sweet element to the day. When you walk by and catch the sweet scent which sends you straight to heaven, how could you ever feel down? If you are looking for a candle which smells like yummy cupcakes, my  favorite is the “Vanilla Bean” candle from Bath & Body Works!


Movie Night

Grab your favorite pajama’s, a big bowl of popcorn, a fluffy puppy, and a movie you’ve been dying to see and have a fun movie night. We tend to sit with our phones in our faces and waste time, but instead have a little fun one night and watch an exciting movie! The best nights are the ones where you are snuggled down with your family or puppy and you enjoy a few laughs and fun snacks.




Bringing more color to your everyday routine can be as simple as trying a new recipe or buying fresh flowers. These small additions to our day can make life a little more enjoyable and spontaneous. The next time you find yourself in a rut and feeling grey, treat yourself to something small to give your life that sparkle and fun it should always have!


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