What’s In My Bag + Bag Essentials


 A while back I gave you a sneaky glimpse into my makeup bag, now today I decided to let you take a peek into my purse. A purse carries all the necessities a woman needs to concur the world while she’s out and about, basically making it the key to work her super powers. Giving you an inside look into mine is basically me telling you all my secrets to how I dominate the world by still being amazing and stylish and having it look easy, but who cares I like to share. Here are my everyday bag essentials:


Basic Makeup Products

I always make sure I have my basic makeup products in my purse before I leave the house, you never know when you will need to apply a little or retouch what you have already done. Some foundation, mascara, and a lipstick or gloss is all I need to fix myself up in a pinch if need be. I simply toss these products in a little makeup bag and carry on with my day, knowing I am prepared for any makeup situation that may arise.

A Hairbrush

Much like makeup, a hairbrush is something I always carry with me in case I need to tidy up my look real quick. Having a brush on hand comes in handy on windy days or when I am shopping and trying on different outfits, messing my hair up in the process. When I notice my hair is getting too tangled and disheveled, I take a quick swipe of the brush and bam! my hair is looking beautiful once more! This is my ultimate secret to having perfect hair when I am out and about.

Peppermint Oil

Whether I am in need of freshening my breath, need to treat a headache, or just want to have a sniff of peppermint to remind me of Christmas, I always reach for the peppermint oil I pop in my purse. This little tiny bottle is something I can’t step foot out of the house without, it is a lifesaver for almost any situation. Need a fresh breath? Peppermint Oil. Need to focus? Smell some oil. Stomach ache? Drink a drop of oil. This is one of my favorite oils and having a bottle of it on me is like carrying a security blanket because I know it fixes everything.

Ear Buds & A Phone Charger

If I know I am going to be in the car for a long period of time, I always throw a pair of ear buds and a charger in my bag with me. This is perfect for getting caught up on podcast or listening to a new CD I just bought (yes, I still buy CDs) plus it makes the long ride a little more fun. I also like to carry a charger with me in case I drain my battery down too low. I can simply charge my phone in the car and not have to worry about it dying and not being able to answer if I have an important call. Ok fine, I bring it in case I want to play on Instagram, which is still somewhat important!


A bottle of water is important to me when going out, I just slip it into my purse and sip on it while I do my errands or shopping. It helps me stay refreshed and hydrated on busy days, plus it’s a healthy and cheaper alternative to stopping at a Starbucks and getting a sugary drink to satisfy my thirst.


 Even though these are just a few small items I pop in my bag before leaving my house, I know they will  help me face any situation that may arise while I am out. From windy days to headaches, these items can fix almost anything and they all fit right into my purse. Some may find these essentials weird and others may have the same ones, every girl’s purse is different but just as important.


“What are your bag essentials?”




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