June Favorites


With all the exciting college preparations and adding a new addition to our family, June has seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye! Even though it went by fast and sadly the Summer weather has been quite chilly, this has been such a wonderful month! June brought a lot of new things, from a new item to my skincare routine which has helped me feel even more radiant to a few new beauty products which I have fallen in love with. I not only experimented with new beauty products but also with a new photo editing app which is absolutely wonderful! On top of all of these wonderful additions to my life, my family has adopted a Shorkie puppy which we have all fallen in love with! Eleonore “Ella” joined our family on June 20th, words cannot describe how excited, happy, and bless I am to have her be a part of our lives! Now that we have gotten all caught up, let’s get onto the June favorites!



Pixi “Glow Tonic” Toner

The newest addition to my skincare routine was the Pixi “Glow Tonic” toner which, as you heard in a previous article, I had been dying to get my hands on after hearing so many amazing reviews on it. I now have been using this toner for almost a month now and my skin has never glowed more than it does now. The “Glow Tonic” gives a refreshing exfoliation which gently hydrates my skin and wakes me up each morning. This fabulous product has also even my skin tone out more and helped eliminate my puffy red morning face. Needless to say, the Pixi “Glow Tonic” toner lives up to all of the hype, making it one of my favorite products not only for June but also for skincare.


Rimmel London ” Stay Glossy” 3D Lip Gloss

I decided to try a lip gloss for the first time in a while this month because who doesn’t love their hair stuck to their lips? The lip gloss I chose was Rimmel London’s “Stay Glossy” 3D lip gloss because it was a lovely shimmery sheer pink which I thought looked cute and summery. Even though lip gloss is a bit of a pain, I bought it anyways because I am weak when it comes to anything that has a little sparkle to it. This lip gloss not only looks fabulous once applied, it also last for hours and makes your lips appear fuller! The shade “Dorchester Rose” is my current favorite for Summer, a subtle sheer pink, which is perfect for a more natural look. Even though my hair still get caught on my mouth when the wind blows, I know I at least look adorable and my lip gloss is still on!


Target Monogrammed Porcelain Mug

I am a sucker for anything monogrammed or personalized in anyway, making this porcelain mug from target a real winner in my eyes. This simple chic mug has a beautiful monogrammed “T” on the front in black, giving me major Pinterest blogger vibes each time I take a sip of tea from it. For only $5, this mug is really good quality, dishwasher and microwave safe, plus it’s really cute! My mom bought it for me as a little treat during one of our many target adventures and I have been in love with it ever since. Each morning with my tea I know sip from a monogrammed mug like a true blogger.


A Color Story Photo Editing App

I have used the photo editing app VSCO for a long time now and decided it was time for a change. I discovered “A Color Story” when “A Clothes Horse” created her own line of filters with them. Temped by the need for a change and the lovely filter pack, I downloaded “A Color Story” and began editing. Easy to use and cute filters, this photo editing app was the simple change I was looking for. While most of the basic editing tools are similar to every other photo app, such as VSCO, I do prefer the filter “A Color Story” has to offer, they fit my personal aesthetic a bit more than other apps I have tried. My pictures now look even better than before and I am having tons of fun editing them! “A Color Story” is the perfect free photo editing app for both beginners and professionals!


My New Puppy, Eleonore “Ella”

The best thing to come from June was this unexpected surprise, my family’s new puppy Ella! A playful, adorable, fluffy shorkie who enjoys naps and snuggling is the perfect addition to our family. Our days are filled with tons of laughter and joy as we train and play with Ella. She is truly the cutest little puppy I have ever seen and couldn’t be happier she has joined our family. It has been fun to training her, getting her on a feeding schedule and enjoying all the fun and energy she has brought into our home. She is definitely already extremely spoiled with all the toys and love we have given her but how can you not spoil such a cutie!? She is for sure the best thing to have come into my life and I am over joyed!


What were your favorites from June this year?



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