The Wonderful Thing That Is Lip Stain 

Once upon a time, I use to be one of the biggest haters of lipstick/gloss. There was something about having a sticky cream-like texture on my mouth I physically could not tolerate.  When I really started getting into makeup more I wanted to have fun colored lips to complete my look but I was saddened by the fact I believed lipstick or gloss were the only two options out there for lip colors, and I believed if I wanted fun colored lips I would have to suck it up and wear the sinful lipstick, until I came across lip stain. A lip color which doesn’t need to be re-applied, doesn’t smear all over your glass, and best of all, does not even feel like you are wearing anything on your mouth. Could this miracle product I have found  actually be a grand and perfect as it sounds, answering all the prayers to the makeup gods I have asked?


The next trip I took to Sephora, I went straight for their store collection and found the lip stain and stared in awe at this product which I thought was too good to be true actually existed. I excitedly picked a color and took it home to see if me , the biggest hater of anything lipstick or gloss, could have actually found a lip product I loved. As soon as I got home I put on the lip stain and stood in wonder at the fact it was everything I hoped it would be. A lip product which doesn’t feel like it is there, oh praise God! The lip stain was easy to apply, has a nice creamy texture but you don’t notice you are wearing it, plus it last forever, no need to worry about re-applying after every sip of water you take.

Ever since I tried lip stain a year ago, I have tested many of them and the Sephora Collection’s formula is by far my favorite. They have managed to create a lip stain which, once it dries, doesn’t crack and keeps your lips feeling beautiful and moisturized. They offer many different shades of this lovely long lasting product, making it easy for everyone to find one which best suits them for which ever season or event. My personal favorite is the shade “Infinite Rose“, a subtle pink which gives my lips a hint of color, it is the perfect shade to finish off a natural everyday look.






Pros of Lip Stain:

Long Lasting

Easy To Apply

Doesn’t Feel Like You Have A Lip Product On

Available In Both Matte And Cream Finishes




Lip stain is the perfect product for a girl who doesn’t like to wear lipstick or gloss but still wants to have fun with the color of her lips or the lazy girl who can’t remember to re-apply her lipstick during the day. Many brands have caught on to this new trend of lip stains, offering you many options from drugstore brands such as NYX or L’Oreal or higher end ones like Dior and YSL. Not only do you have your pick of brands but also whichever finish you please to have, for they are offered in matte and cream finishes. This product has truly taken off and there is no confusion why, lip stain is the most genius lip product out there on the market I believe. It is the most long lasting and easy lip product, making it perfect for girls starting out with makeup or even a pro.


Even though I have had a recent change in heart and learned to love lipstick, (oh Rimmel what would I do without you?) I still believe lip stain is one of the best makeup products to add to your collection no matter who you are. Every girl deserves to be able to apply a lip color in the morning and know, even though you can’t feel it, it hasn’t worn off and it still looks as fabulous as it did during your morning clean up.  


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