Scents Of The Seasons: Summer Perfumes

It’s a light, airy morning, the sunrise is a lovely pale pink and orange, the birds are singing songs to each other, you awake and start getting cleaned up for a perfect Summer day. After a warm shower, your hair is styled, your outfit is on, and you are finishing up your makeup, but there is one last thing you do before you leave your bathroom to go on with your busy day, you spritz yourself with your favorite perfume. Your perfume is fresh, light, and delicate because you enjoy having you perfume which reflect the season you are living in, and in this moment it’s finally Summer. The season of beautiful, light, and florally perfumes that remind you of the flower gardens your grandmother would plant every season. Or a fruity, sweet scent that takes you back to the night where you enjoy fresh berry pie and ice cream with your family. Whichever it maybe, it is always there in your cabinet waiting for these months to be used and cherished.


Summer perfumes have always been one of my favorite things when it comes to beauty products. Every year companies release new editions of classic perfumes, but with a hint of a lighter more delicate smell to coordinate with the summer months. From delicate floral scents to light fruity smells, these scents are simply divine and perfect for warm Summer days of picnics and relaxing. Through the years I have tried some perfumes, whether it be me standing in Nordstroms smelling each perfume and dreaming of buying and expensive bottle (which has yet to happen…) or going to target and finding the best Taylor Swift perfume out of the collection she offers, and I believe I have found a few scents that will make even the best Summers day a little sweeter.


Taylor Swift ● Wonderstruck


The first ever perfume Taylor Swift created was “Wonderstruck”, a light fruity fragrance with a hint of floral combined so well it smells like a magical enchanting day, leaving you feeling simply wonderstruck. It’s youthful and delicate, making it a perfect perfume for a lovely day in the Summer time. I never leave my home without a small sprits of this perfume, for it gives a daydreamy  smell which lingers in a delicate way, making me feel like a princess, which isn’t that what every girl wants to smell like? This fabulous scent is a must to add to your Summer perfume collection, the small hint of vanilla mixed with a light floral and fruity smell will turn any day into an enchanting memory to cherish forever.



Miss Dior ● Absolutely Blooming


A warm Summer day in the lovely countryside, fields of flowers everywhere you turn, you running in a beautiful dress through the fields without a care in the world, happy and free, this perfume captures all of these elements in such a beautiful bottle wrapped up with a bow. With the sweet delicate scent of raspberries, pomegranates and a hint of rose and peonies, Miss Dior “Absolutely Blooming” is absolutely one of the best perfumes Dior offers. A lovely fragrance which reminds you of a sweet summer love you never want to end. Every time I go into Nordstroms and see this perfume on the shelf, I immediately run up and smell it, falling in love with it all over again each time I do. Dior created the perfect perfume for a the modern romantic who dreams of Summer days filled with flowers and romance. If your heart longs for a bicycle ride through the French countryside on a warm summer evening, then this perfume is the perfect scent to brighten your Summer season.



Chanel ● Chance Eau de Toilette


Jet setting across the world, trying daring new experiences while managing to posses your classic scent but giving it a hint of a Summer time upgrade is what Chanel “Chance Eau de Toilette” is all about. This perfume is perfect for a classic girl who loves to have an adventurous Summer. A sweet and fresh scent is a fabulous summery twist on the classic fragrances Chanel offers. With a mix of pink pepper and pineapple, and a hint of jasmine and iris, this perfume grasp the essence of an exciting Summer in just a simple round bottle. If you dream of a Summer with adventure in the great wide somewhere then this perfume was made for you.



Summer offers so many scents perfect for every personality, fresh and fruit ones for those who enjoy daring new adventures, sweet floral fragrances for the hopeless romantics, and ones which are light and delicate to add a little enchantment to your day. With all of these options, it makes it easy to find the perfect perfume you wish to cherish and enjoy your Summer months wearing, one for which reminds you of past Summer memories and one which will create new ones for you to hold close to your heart.sign-off-for-blog-post

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