Affordable Makeup Gems



Splurging on expensive and pretty makeup products is fun to do but only once in a while.  As a girl who is currently getting ready to attend college, I don’t  have the money to always spend a ton on higher end makeup products. As much as I would love to buy YSL, NARS, Anastasia Beverly Hills, or Dior’s products, I simply can’t afford it all the time, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. By not buying the high end brands doesn’t mean you can’t have fabulous makeup though. Through a lot of trial and error, I found quite a few makeup gems that are just as amazing as higher end products but at an affordable price!

My eyes are my favorite feature, so making sure I have the right makeup products to make them pop is quite important to me. After trying what feels like a million mascaras in search for the perfect one to give my eyelashes that “oh my gosh are those even real?” reaction, I found the L’Oreal ‘Voluminous Extra- Volume Collagen” mascara was the one. I have raved about this mascara before (I even wrote a review on it) and I will probably rave about it till I die, it has all the amazing qualities of a high end mascara plus it is only $8! Most higher end mascaras will run up about $24-$30 dollars, making the L’Oreal mascara a steal! This products also pairs well with the Sephora Collection’s “Long-Lasting 12 HR Wear” eyeliner. This sleek and smooth liquid eyeliner glides on easy, last all day, and is only $12. Even with my shaky hands, it is simple and easy to apply, helping my eyes really shine.


When it comes to foundation, I can never seem to give up my Maybelline “Fit Me Matte + Poreless” powder. At only $8, this foundation gives the best coverage, blends perfectly, and last for hours on end. This foundation not only offers all the qualities of a high end foundation, but you can also get it in either a liquid or powder! Oh and did I mention, they offer it in 12 different shade, making this affordable  product perfect for anyone! I honestly don’t know if I will ever give up this product, even for a higher end one, it is has such great coverage and it evens out my skin tone perfectly, giving me full confidence to take on the day.


Lipstick that isn’t sticky and drying seems like it is impossible to find without having to spend an arm and a leg, right? Nope, Rimmel London offers the best affordable lipstick which has a creamy smooth texture which feels moisturizing on your lips. The fabulous product I am referring to you may remember from a recent article, is the “Lasting Finish by Kate Moss” lipstick and it can be yours for only $5. Rimmel offers this amazing lipstick at most drugstore and it comes in quite a few colors, my favorite being shade “33”. A lovely pink lipstick which moisturizes my lips and doesn’t put a dent in my wallet is perfect for the summer season!


Speaking of the summer season, we are all breaking out our favorite sandals and realizing we desperately need a pedicure, or at least I do. But getting a mani and pedi, while super fun, is quite expensive. To save money but still have adorable summer nails, I turn to Essie and their lovely (and HUGE) collection of nail colors. Essie offers ever color of nail polish under the sun for only $9, now that price seems a little better than a $40 mani and pedi. I recently purchased the colors “Pink Glove Service” a lovely sheer pink which is perfect for summer and “Sugar Daddy” another sheer pink to give my nails a subtle clean color, nothing too flashy. Essie offers beautiful, long lasting, and easy to apply polishes that will make you question why you ever spent so much on going to a salon.

Sticking to affordable makeup products and not buying higher end ones is not always a bad thing. Sometimes you find products which actually work better than the expensive ones, I know I have.  Remember, the amount of money you spend on your makeup doesn’t determine yours or it’s worth.  An $8 dollar mascara can be just as good as a $25 dollar one, you just need to find the one that works best for you! You will be surprised that, even a girl who is on a budget, can still have a makeup collation as fabulous as a successful fashion blogger, by simply finding affordable makeup gems like these beauties!  






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