A BB Cream Perfect For Summer


Bright, hydrated, dewy skin that is as radiant as the summer sun is what I desire most in life. Skin that is so fabulously perfect, each time I walk by a mirror I jump because I am amazed at the beautiful glow my skin is giving off. My skin on its own is really amazing, it’s clear, healthy, hydrated, and fairly bright, but I still wanted that extra wow! After some research, I decided to give a BB cream a try, for giving a natural glow is their specialty.

Not wanting to spend a fortune on a product that I’ve never tried before, I turned to the beloved drugstore brands and discovered the Maybelline “Dream Fresh BB Cream”. This BB cream has 8 benefits in 1 product, which sounds pretty amazing for something I can pick up at my local target! From blurring imperfections, hydrates, brightens, smoothes, and evens skin tone, to having SPF 30 and is free from heavy ingredients and oil. This BB cream does sound like a dream! With the great reviews it was receiving from so many people plus all these amazing benefits it was offering, I went out and bought the Maybelline “Dream Fresh BB Cream” and have never been more impressed with a make-up product!


After my usual skincare routine, I applied the BB cream by squeezing a decent amount to the back of my hand and taking my figure and dotting it around my face. After, I simply blended the cream into my skin by making small gentle circles with my fingers, it was basically similar to applying a moisturizer. Once it was all blended in I took a look in the mirror to see the results, and they were FABULOUS! The BB cream blended well into my skin, giving it a nice light coverage which evened out my skin tone, similar to my foundation just without the heavy feel. My skin felt moisturized, hydrated, and had that lovely, healthy, glow I have been dreaming of achieving!

Not only did the Maybelline “Dream Fresh BB Cream” manage to achieve all 8 of the benefits it promised, it also made me feel extremely confident in how I looked! For my look that day, I decided to do a “minimal” make-up look and only used my favorite mascara (which you can find here), the NARS ‘Banc De Sable” highlighter (you remember that lovely highlighter I talked about here?), and my new Rimmel London lipstick. The BB cream paired so well with the highlighter, enhancing the dewy glow, making my face shine like a pixie’s!


The Maybelline “Dream Fresh BB Cream” is perfect product for the summer. It gives you a lovely light coverage that doesn’t weigh you down, feeling like you have a ton of heavy make-up caked on. It’s light and airy, plus with the added SPF 30 it protects your skin from the damaging sun, letting you able to enjoy the bright warm summer sunshine without worrying about damaging your beautiful skin! Also with the BB creams hydrating and moisturizing benefits, there is no need to worry about dry flaky skin! This cream will leave you with the perfect moist and smooth skin for the summer time!

If you are looking for a product this summer that is lighter than your foundation but offers good coverage, moisturizes, hydrates, and evens your skin tone, blurs imperfections, has no oils or other heavy ingredients, offers sun protecting, plus gives you a glowing dewy finish, then look no further. The Maybelline “Dream Fresh BB Cream” offers all of these amazing benefits plus as an added bonus it isn’t very expensive! You can find this lovely gem at your local drug store for about $9 dollars, leaving you with a beautiful, natural, glowing look and a wallet that isn’t hurting.


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