My Workout Playlist

One of my favorite parts of the day is when I take some time and workout. Whether I am strength training, doing cardio, yoga, or simply walking, I find it so enjoyable! I know I am probably crazy for actually enjoying exercising but it is one of my favorite ways to care for myself. I feel strong and accomplished after each workout and I love using that feeling to power through the rest of my tasks for that day. But I do have to admit I have a bit of help when it comes to being motivated to get moving, and that is my playlist.

  My workout playlist is what gets me up and moving and keeps me going throughout an entire workout. I like to add a fun mix of different songs in my playlist, like Disney, Taylor Swift and other upbeat pop music. My playlist is always changing depending on what mood I am in and lately it has been heavily  influenced by Disney. But what can I say, there is nothing like listening to “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” from “Mulan” and pretending you are training to fight the Huns.


My Workout Playlist

“Try Everything” – Zootopia Soundtrack

“You’re Welcome” – Moana Soundtrack

“Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift

“Burnin’ Up” – Jonas Brothers

“Another Day Of Sun” – La La Land Soundtrack

“Zero To Hero” – Hercules Soundtrack

“I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” – Mulan Soundtrack

“Why Should I Worry” – Oliver & Company Soundtrack

“Galway Girl” – Ed Sheeran

“Better Than Revenge” – Taylor Swift

“Freak The Freak Out” – Victorious Soundtrack

“Friend Like Me” – Ne-Yo ‘We Love Disney’


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