My Favorite Bloggers

   Over the past few years I follow quite a few bloggers between, their blogs, bloglovin’, instagram, twitter, and so on. These bloggers always inspire me when it comes to style, beauty, writing and simply living a happy pretty life. I decided to round up my absolute favorite bloggers that I have followed the longest and who have inspired me the most and continue to inspire me to this day! 


What Olivia Did

Olivia is a darling 20 something year old girl living in London, writing a fabulous blog, “What Olivia Did”, and wearing the most adorable outfits ever. I have followed Olivia for awhile now and she is such an inspiration to me when it comes to style and writing.  Her style is colorful and fun and I adore it! Fun gingham trousers and sweet pink sweaters are what create her fabulous wardrobe.  She is true to her own style and you can tell by the confidence she possesses in her photos and articles. Her writing is fabulous too! Her style when it comes to writing is much like her clothing; it’s light, airy, and whimsical leaving you feeling like you just had a warm conversation with a close friend. Olivia inspires me to wear lovely colors and to continue on with writing each time I read her blog.


 Margo & Me

Jenny (or Margo & Me) is fabulously chic blogger living in LA, sharing her feminine and romantic style and making me jealous each time she travels to France! Jenny also share fabulous tips that I have found helpful in my beauty adventure! She offers many hairstyles that are Paris worthy and  tips on skin care products ! She has a fabulous style that inspires me to dress classic chic so I feel like my best feminine self. And on top of that she is always traveling all over the world, and sharing the best places to visit and the best outfits to wear there! Jenny from Margo & Me has influenced my style and beauty in a positive and lovely way! I am excited to read about what she has in store next for herself and her readers.


Gal Meet Glam

Julia of Gal Meets Glam is one of my biggest girl crushes if I am being totally honest. She is a radiant, beautiful woman, whose style is light and feminine. She’s up to date on the latest trends but always styles them in her own beautiful way. She not only shares her soft and gorgeous style, but also travel tips.  Julia offers loads of travel inspiration and tips on her blog, making me daydream of traveling more. From style to places to travel, and exciting activities to do once you arrive, this gal certainly knows how to inspire you to live a glamorous life.



The Londoner

Rosie or “The Londoner” has been one of my top bloggers for what seems like forever. “The Londoner” is about a fabulous girl from London who travels on beautiful adventures which she happily takes you along with her (while making you jealous of her amazing style.)  From her beautiful bouncy curls to her  fun and flirty style, Rosie is by far one of the most fun bloggers out there to follow. With each adventure she goes on, she offers a lovely written story that makes you simply fall in love with her and her life. Her writing is simple but captivating, leaving you feeling like you just experimented her previous adventure standing right next to her. If there is one blogger you should follow for travel inspiration, Rosie is definitely the one!




A Clothes Horse

Quirky, vintage, and original are the three words that come to mind when I think of Rebecca from “A Clothes Horse”. “A Clothes Horse” is a unique fashion blog of a lovely girl whom I am convinced is secretly a fairy. She is always in the most fun, pin up style outfits and spinning around in lovely gardens. She truly posseses a whimsical vibe that I can only dream of achieving. But don’t get too distracted by her quirky style and miss her beautiful writing. Rebecca’s writing is soft and delicate, leaving you with a dreamy feel once you’ve finished. She is truly a one of a kind girl and she isn’t afraid to show the world. She inspires me to take more fun risk when it comes to style and buy items that are more unique rather than trendy.


These  lovely women have shaped and inspired my style, beauty, and writing and hopefully they can do that for you as well. I highly recommend giving each of these bloggers a read, you won’t be disappointed. Each of these women display their personal style in both fashion and writing beautifully, leaving you inspired to either want to try out a new hair style or travel somewhere extravagant.


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