Highlighter 101

You probably keep hearing about this word “highlighter” and are thinking “what is a highlighter and why is everyone using it? Isn’t a highlighter a yellow marker you use when you are studying? Why on Earth would I want to put that on my face?” If you are asking these questions then continue reading because I have the answers for you.


What is a highlighter?

First, what is a highlighter. Yes, it is a yellow marker, but there is another kind of highlighter that is a make-up product. A highlighter is a shimmering powder or cream you apply to your face to give your skin dewy, reflective, glowing look. This illuminates certain points of your face, making it look hydrated and healthy. So, no, you aren’t rubbing a neon colored marker on your face when you highlight.


What makes a good highlighter?

A good highlighter will offer a dewy glow when applied to your skin. It should blend well and be smooth and buttery. When picking a highlighter find one that matches you skin tone. A highlighter isn’t suppose to give you color like a bronzer or blush. It’s suppose to blend in giving you a glowing look.  If you have more fair skin, go for a highlighter that has more of a silver or a light champagne tone to it. Anything darker will look fake and not give you a proper “glow”. If you have medium to olive skin tone, I suggest a highlighter that contains more of a gold undertone. And for darker skin tones, I recommend one that contains bronze or rose gold undertones. 


Where do you apply a highlighter?

Next, you’re probably wondering where to apply your highlighter? Right? Well, there are a few simple places to apply it to give you the perfect glow. First, my favorite is to apply it diagonally along my cheekbone. Apply it where the sun would naturally hit, on the top of  your cheekbone blended upwards towards your temple, for a simple glow. Next, you can apply your highlighter underneath your eyebrow arches to emphasize the shape. You can also apply it to the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up and make you look alive even if you haven’t gotten your morning coffee yet.

  If you want to brighten up the middle of your face then I suggest swiping your highlighter down the bridge of your nose, giving the center of your face a lovely glow. and finally, you can dab just a bit of highlighter on your cupid’s bow. Your cupid’s bow is the area just above your lips, by adding a highlighter there gives you lips a more full look.

How do you apply a highlighter?

You now know what a highlighter is and where to apply it, but how do you apply it? To apply it to your cheekbones and nose I suggest using either a fan brush or a foundation brush for a more controlled application. For you eyebrows, inner eyes, and cupids bow, I suggest a small eye shadow brush. When applying a highlighter in a smaller area use a smaller brush so you don’t overdo it. You can also use your finger to apply a highlighter but remember, it won’t blend and give you as nice of a glow as when applied with a brush.


Congrats! That is basically all there is to know about highlighters. So if you are in search of a product to give your skin a dewy, fairy like, glow then grab yourself a highlighter. This product is the perfect finishing touch to any make up look, especially in the summer when you want to shine like then sun! If you are looking for a good highlighter then read my review on the NARS “Banc De Sable” here!



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