Nars “Banc De Sable” Highlighter Review

1I finally received my NARS “Banc De Sable” highlighter that I ordered the other week! Once I got the package, I ripped it open like a little kid on Christmas. I opened and had my breath taken away by the box to a beautiful shining gold box with the NARS logo on it. I thought to myself if the box was this wonderful the palette must be truly marvelous, and it was.


The NARS “Banc De Sable” highlighter palette comes with three glowing shades perfect for more of light- medium skin types but anyone can try them. “Rivage”, a glistening pearl shade, “Sale”, a shimmering peach champagne shade, and “Embruns”, a fabulous metallic rose gold. All three of these shades are perfect for giving you a warm glow. They can be applied wet or dry depending on how intense you want them to appear. I tried them on dry for a more subtle glow.


“Rivage” looked lovely on my light skin tone, but I thought it was just a little too light. I still like this shade on the palette but will probably only wear it on days when I want an extremely subtle glow rather than something noticeable. It’s perfect for when you’re in the mood for a natural look. I would rate it a 7/ 10.


“Sale” is my favorite shade in this palette. This peachy champagne shade gives me such a warm glow it looks like I was just kissed by the sun. A lovely noticeable glow, this shade bounces off my light skin tone fabulously. I like how it gives me a bit of color on my face along with my highlight. I would rate it 8/10.


“Embruns” is more dramatic and noticeable than the other shades on my light skin. This shade is clearly more for the summer when you have a bit more color. The rose gold shade is extremely gorgeous and pigmented. Out of all three shades I believe this one is the most pigmented. I like the warm shimmering glow it gives me. I will for sure be wearing this color a lot in the coming summer months. I would rate it 6.5/10.


Overall this palette is fabulous. Warm, shimmering, highlights that can be applied wet or dry. The shades are smooth, buttery, and quite pigmented. This highlighter cost $49 but to be honest I don’t think I would spend that much on it due to the size. It is quite a small palette. I bought it with a sale and a gift card making it only $29 which is as much as I would spend on it. But if you are truly dying to get your hands on it and don’t care about the price then I highly recommend you get it before it’s gone. Overall I would rate this palette a 7/10.


6 thoughts on “Nars “Banc De Sable” Highlighter Review

  1. Gah! Why must the pretty things always be so expensive! I’ve seen a couple of friends on IG pick up new Nars palettes lately and they are stunning! The brand never seems to let down on making their products look appealing

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    1. I know! I always wait for a sale or if I have a gift card before purchasing most of my make up splurges because they tend to be rather pricey. And NARS never disappoints with making their products look so beautiful and appealing! They are all so pretty!

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      1. Yeah I do the same with my skincare! I wait until there’s a sale on. A deal where I can end up justifying my spending to reap the extra gifts!


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