May Goals

It’s so exciting that May is already here! The beautiful flowers are starting to bloom, the grass is looking greener, and the sun is starting to poke out a bit more lately! I love how in May nature starts coming alive again because it inspires me to basically come alive after a long and cold winter. With the start of a new month and season I was inspired to set some simple goals for May that I hope to achieve!


1.Finish high school

It’s already hard to wrap my mind around the fact I am a senior but it’s even harder to understand that this month I will actually be graduating. I remember being a little kid and thinking 2017 seemed so far away  and now it’s here and I am still in shock a bit. Nonetheless, I am excited to finish and finish strong. This has been one of the best years for school and I can’t wait to complete this chapter of my life!


2.Get off my phone

I am starting to become very aware of how much time I spend on my phone lately, and it’s not a good amount. I waste way too much time mindlessly scrolling through social media and I want to break that habit. Every day I want to have a time where I disconnect from my phone and actually do hobbies I enjoy. I want to read and write more and hopefully by setting my phone down I will actually do these hobbies more often.


3.Read more

Oh I love to read books so much and I have so many to read but they usually just sit there collecting dust. Probably because I am playing on my phone. So this month I have set a goal to read at least 2 books (or more if I manage). The first book I want to complete is “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. I’ve been re-reading the series since around October, yes I’ve been reading them for that long and I am just now on book 4. The second book I’d like to read is Lily Collin’s new book which I just received yesterday! Hopefully by putting my phone away I can accomplish my reading goals.


My goals this month may be a little simple but that’s ok. We don’t always need to set big goals every day, week, month, or year. Sometimes we just need to set small goals for ourselves, like getting off the phone or reading more. Setting and accomplishing a “small” goal is just as good as completing a “big” one. What matters is you set a goal and accomplished it. What are your May goals? sign-off-for-blog-post

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