The Fashion of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”


It’s no secret ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ is one of my favorite films. I mean what’s not to like? Audrey Hepburn, Tiffany’s, and chic clothes?! This movie has everything I adore! Especially the chic clothes. Audrey Hepburn plays Holly Golightly, an outgoing, spontaneous girl who is “just crazy about Tiffany’s!” (Me too, Holly, me too.) Not only is Holly the fun socialite city girl that I could only dream of being but she also has a classic style that has lasted the length of time. From a gorgeous black dress with a pearl necklace to a simple trench coat, Holly’s style is the perfect description of a classic wardrobe.


The Black Dress

I think I speak for everyone when I say this dress simply takes your breath away. This perfectly fitted, long, black, satin dress is a fashion dream come true. Holly Golightly wears this elegant dress just to simply stand outside of Tiffany’s and enjoy her morning coffee and croissant. This dress is one of the most iconic looks ever. Many girls, including myself, have tried to recreate this classic look in the hopes to just feel like Holly for a second.


The Pink Cocktail Dress

For a date with one of many admirers,  Holly wears this lovely pink cocktail dress and a matching tiara because why not? I mean, if I had this dress and the matching tiara, you would never be able to get it off of me. This cocktail dress is quite simply perfection, from the classic 60’s fit and flare style to the delicate bow around the waist, this dress is perfect for breaking men’s hearts or for having a mental breakdown.


The Dress Shirt


When you don’t have a pair of adorable sleep attire what do you do? Well, according to Holly Golightly, a simple man’s dress shirt is all you need. She proves that even a basic dress shirt makes for the perfect pair of fabulous pajamas. The way she styles it with her fabulous blue sleeping mask and a hangover makes this look simply iconic.


The Bed Sheet Gown


At a cocktail party she is hosting at her home, Holly wears a simple bed sheet. That’s right, a bed sheet because sometimes when you run out of time getting cleaned up and your guest are arriving , you need to improvise. She did, however, slip into a fabulous shift dress but to be honest I think the bed sheet was a little more fabulous and quirky, like Holly.



The Double-Breasted Orange Coat


What do you wear for a day of trying new things for the first time? A fabulous orange coat of course! Even in a wardrobe filled with neutral classics, you still need a fun pop of color, and that’s what this coat is. Holly keeps the rest of her outfit simple with a fabulous fur hat, kitten heels, and oversized sunglasses, and lets the coat stand out for itself. But not stand out too much to get caught stealing from a ‘five and ten’.


The Trench Coat

Holly wears this timeless classic piece twice in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. First, when she says goodbye Doc, the man who took her and her brother in after her parents death when she was a young girl. With a simple beige scarf wrapped around her head and her perfectly fitted trench, Holly says goodbye to her past and then goes to get drunk. The next time we see this iconic look is in the end scene. Even in the pouring rain looking for a nameless ‘cat’ in an alley way, Holly still manages to look like perfection during another emotional breakdown and in her trench coat.



Classic, chic, perfection with pops of quirky details is what makes up Holly Golightly’s style. It’s no wonder that her sense of style has been copied over and over throughout the years. Whether you are going to simply just stand outside of Tiffany’s enjoying a cup of coffee and the sight of the lovely display of jewelry or hosting a fabulous cocktail party, Holly’s style is the perfect go to for either occasion.


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