‘BP’ Shoe Haul & Review

Without warning, Michigan has sprung warm weather on us suddenly and, like every year, I am very unprepared. I was in desperate need of shoes (and basically a new wardrobe but I’m still working on that) so my mother and I headed to the Holy land, Nordstroms. And there we found the perfect shoe brand that actually makes cute comfortable heels.


After searching around the shoe department like hungry lions circling around looking for a wounded gazelle to pounce on, we discovered the ‘BP’ brand’s shoes. ‘BP’ is a collection that is exclusively available at Nordstroms. They offer cute clothes, adorable accessories and comfy shoes! What more could a girl want? We found three pairs of cute and affordable spring shoes. A pair of wedges, a lace up block heel, and a simple block heel.


The ‘BP’ “Sky Wedge Sandal” was what caught my eye first. It features an adorable swirly detail on the top and a wedge that is the perfect height. I tried these wedges on and fell in love. The fit was perfect. My toes are not being squished together, nor am I stumbling around when I walk in them because the heel is too high. They fit perfectly! And, at such an affordable price, I couldn’t leave them so I snatched them up to add to my Spring wardrobe.  If you are looking for a fun wedge this season, I recommend ‘BP”s “sky wedge sandal”. 




The ‘BP’ “Decker Lace-Up” sandal is what caught both my mother and mines eye. This trendy fun sandal features a lovely block heel, fun geometric cutouts and a simply lace-up detail. Not only does this shoe perfectly combine all of this season’s trends but they are so comfy. We couldn’t bear to leave these beauties at the store so we also brought these lovely little sandals home with us. And of course, after a week of playing “who gets to wear these sandals today” we even went back and bought a second pair because we love them so much! 




Our final shoe of what has now become “our ‘BP’ shoe haul” is the “Lula Block Heel Sling Back” sandal. This simple block heel sandal is the perfect sandal for any occasion or outfit. You can dress it up with a cute sundress or wear it a little more casual with a pair of shorts and a fun top. You can wear them to a lunch meeting or a fun dinner out with your friends. These shoes are so versatile they are a must have. Plus they are extremely comfortable and easy to walk in, making them perfect if you want to wear a heel on a day when you have a lot of walking.


With three pairs of lovely, trendy, comfortable sandals, my mother and I left Nordstroms that day with huge smiles on our faces and the excitement of a new shoe purchase in our eyes. If you are in need of new spring time shoes and want something trendy and affordable, I highly recommend the ‘BP’ brand at Nordstroms. They offer so many different styles of shoes, they are sized “true to size”,  and in a variety of colors. Making it able for you to find a style that is best suited for you!


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