Heaven on Earth aka Banana Republic

Shopping is and always has been one of my favorite things. Clothes, shoes, heck I’ll even go crazy in a stationary store! I could shop till I literally drop (and I have many times). But unfortunately, I have always had a problem finding stores that I actually like and can afford. The stores a normal 18 year old can shop at are stores like, forever 21 and H&M. Now there’s nothing wrong with shopping at these stores and liking them, but personally they aren’t for me.


When I discovered Banana Republic, my whole shopping experience was flipped around. I had always heard it was “so over priced” and “too expensive”, but it turns out it’s actually quite affordable even for me. While their new arrivals might be a little pricey, they offer so many sales that it actually doesn’t matter. I found a sweater that was marked down from $78 to $60 and because of a sale they were running I got an additional 40% off making it on $24! Now that seems like a pretty amazing deal to me. Even when they aren’t running a huge sale, you can still find many affordable pieces.  Plus, they sell such timeless and classic pieces that never go out of style, allowing you get your money’s worth.


Merino Scallop Crew Pullover 


 Another thing that makes Banana Republic one of my favorite stores is, the quality of their clothes. Their sweaters are made from such a wonderful quality of wool or cashmere and their socks are so warm and soft. And, while I haven’t personally bought a pair yet, I have seen and felt their pants in the store and I am definitely  saving up to purchase a pair in the future.  I find comfort in the fact that I can order a sweater online and know that, when it arrives, the quality of the fabric is going to be amazing. Other stores, you receive a piece and the material is just awful and not “soft and silky” as they described. Making your busy schedule even more full because you have to deal with returning something or just keep the crap material piece and waste your money. But not with Banana Republic, each of their pieces I have bought have been amazing quality. No need to return.


Todd & Duncan Cashmere Bow Sweater (old)

And finally, by far the most important thing that makes Banana Republic one of my favorite places to shop is the fact that the store is ALWAYS clean. I personally have never walked into a messy Banana Republic, and trust me I’ve been in a lot of them. The store is always organized and tidy. You don’t have to go fishing thru a huge piles of clothes searching for your size just to discover they don’t have your size. Everything is displayed so beautifully and there are always kind workers there to help you (which is another thing I love).


Merino Crew Sweater

If you are afraid to shop at Banana Republic because it’s too “over priced”, don’t be. They have beautiful affordable clothes, an organized store, great material, and they actually have happy workers (which seems so rare nowadays). Every time I shop there, whether in stores or online, I am never disappointed, even when I walk out empty handed. Just browsing around this store brings me joy and buying something there makes me a giddy five year old who finally got the piece of candy they were begging for.


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