18 Things I’ve Learned In 18 Years

   As I celebrate my 18th birthday today, I realized that already, at 18, I’ve been through a lot in my life. I’ve overcome depression and anxiety multiple times, been bullied,  I’ve changed my personality so that people would want to be my friend. And a lot more sad things that I won’t bore you with. In 18 years I’ve been handed these issues, some multiple times (Ex. the anxiety and depression and well the bullying) and I’ve managed to overcome them. All before 18! That’s pretty insane isn’t it?!


Now my  life isn’t always a big mess of challenges I need to overcome. I have also had so many beautiful experiences already in life. I’ve been to Disney world more times than I can count, I believe that I have the best relationship any teenage girl has with their mother. Ok scratch that, ANY girl has with their mother. Seriously, we’ve never had a single fight. Ever. I’ve been to a few Taylor Swift concerts, seen so many movies, and have had so many amazing Christmas mornings with my family that I could cry tears of joy just thinking about them. Even in a life that, at times, feels like I’m constantly being handed something hard that I have to learn to overcome or deal with, I still have many days filled with joy and happiness.


 I’ve experienced things, both good and bad, and I thought that I would share some things I’ve learned along the way with you today. Now I know what you’re thinking “what can an 18 year old teach me that I don’t already know?” and well you’re probably right but hey I’m pretty wise and quite confident you might learn at least something you may be able to apply to your life or use to help someone else out.


18 things I’ve learned in 18 years:

1.Start each day fresh. Don’t drag yesterday’s stress into today. Instead, learn from it and start today with a new and wiser outlook.

2.Eat clean. Always.

3.Smile every single day. Life isn’t that serious.

4. The person who is dancing like a fool is having a way more enjoyable time than the person who is standing there because they are “too cool” to dance.

5.When you set a goal, stick to it. Even if you fall down, get back up and keep working towards it.

6.Don’t ever change who you are for ANYONE. You’ll be miserable.

7.Puppies make the perfect best friend.

8.Don’t be ashamed if you have no friends. Sometimes in life we need to be alone to discover who we truly are.

9.For girls, always have a good relationship with your mom. And she does understand what you’re going through, she was once your age too.

10.No boy is worth more than your education.

11. Your dream isn’t too “far-fetched”. Go out and get it. God didn’t give you this desire so you can make yourself miserable. Go get that dream.

12.The book store is a magical place that can help you escape reality for a little while.

13.Dress however you want, even if your style isn’t “trendy”. You be more happy when you wear clothes you actually love rather than trying to fit in with the trends.

14.Be different. It’s honestly so boring when everyone is the same.

15.Fresh flowers can brighten even the gloomiest of days.

16.You enjoy a meal more when you prepare and cook it rather than getting it from a drive thru.

17.Always think before you speak. Your tongue can be quite stupid sometimes.

18.Always keep your family close and tell them you love them. They have been with you from the beginning and will be with you till the end.


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