My First Kate Spade

Two years ago my 16th birthday was quickly approaching. While most teenagers look forward to becoming 16 because they will finally be able to get a license and drive off to hang out with friends and get fast food, I was excited for a different reason. A Kate Spade purse. Yes, you read that right, a Kate Spade purse.


I had decided a few months before for my 16th birthday I wanted to treat myself to something I had always wanted. Something beautiful and luxurious but also worth my money. I had decided that I was going to buy myself something that I had desired for a long time, my first Kate Spade purse.


I started saving my money and began to research which purse I wanted to buy. After excitedly looking at every style and color they had to offer (Oh all the gorgeous colors you can choose from!) I decided on the ‘Cedar Street Maise’ in the color Flo Geranium. Every time I looked at this gorgeous pink handbag my heart skipped a beat. Just the thought of owning it made my stomach do somersaults! I knew that it was the one.


After a few months of saving  and dreadfully waiting, my birthday finally arrived! We were to go to the Kate Spade store before dinner so I could make the most fabulous purchase of my first 16 years of life. I counted down the minutes (which felt like years) till we left for dinner. With each passing minute I noticed negative thoughts were starting to fly through my head. Thoughts like “what if they don’t have the style of purse I want in the store?” or “what if the color isn’t as pretty in person as it is online?”.  These nervous thoughts stayed with me till we arrived at the store and then I saw it.


Sitting on the lovely display sat the ‘Cedar Street Maise’. My breath was taken away from the gorgeous pink color that pops out at you like the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls when you pop them out of the container. Every negative thought I had  was over thrown by the beauty that sat before me. I quickly picked up the delightful leathery goodness in awe that something could be so divine.  I knew from that minute that I had picked the right purse to call my own.


Quickly the kind workers, who were gushing over the fact that it was my birthday, got me a fresh purse from the back and wrapped it in the Kate Spade box and tied the ribbon around it so elegantly making my insides just melt. The amount of joy that filled me from being able to purchase myself something so lovely was enormous. I finally had what I desired for so long.


   After being handed the bag with the perfectly wrapped Kate Spade purse inside, I headed off to dinner and celebrated my 16th birthday with the new love of my life by my side and a glint of love in my eye.


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