My Wardrobe Essentials: A Black Sweater

Here at ‘Sincerely, Taylor’ I will be doing a series called “My Wardrobe Essentials”. This series will include all the items I believe necessary for a simple yet chic wardrobe. To kick off this series, I will begin with my top wardrobe essential: a black sweater.


Sweater:Banana Republic / Leggings: J.Crew/ Necklace: Tiffany’s & Co.

Whether I am going out to celebrate with my family at a fancy restaurant, curled up at home with a good book or meeting a friend to do some necessary retail therapy, there is always one item in my wardrobe that I reach for, my black sweater.



Simple, classic, and chic are what make a black sweater great. It’s a piece you can have in your wardrobe for years and it will never go out of style. You can wear it anywhere and with just about anything. A black sweater gives  you a clean and classic look making your inner Audrey Hepburn jump for joy. You can dress it up with a statement necklace or a bold red lip or you can keep it casual with a pair of skinny pants and a cute cross body. Either way a black sweater is one of my top wardrobe essentials.



The black sweater I recommend is from Banana Republic. Banana Republic always has good sales and their clothing is high quality. Their material, merino wool or cashmere, is light weight  for a spring day but also warm enough to keep you cozy in the winter chill. I believe a black sweater is the perfect addition to any wardrobe no matter your taste in fashion. It’s a classic piece that doesn’t go out of style which gives you the ability to invest in a really nice one so you can get your money’s worth out of it.


6 thoughts on “My Wardrobe Essentials: A Black Sweater

  1. Hi, Taylor!!! Sending hugs to you and lots of wishes for your blog this year to grow and inspire not only others, but yourself too- love what you said about the classic black sweater!!


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